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  1. Deborah Kern says:

    I have a question about the wire mesh (closet organizer) panels from homedepot. How are they standing up? are they hooked to the tent in any way? can they hold large heavier paintings?..also don’t know what the concrete wire option was that you mentioned. I’m just starting out; at least the festival route. thank you so much for your blog. its been a lifesaver so far.


  2. WindyKai says:

    Wow, I’m so so sorry I missed this reply! Please forgive me! The wire mesh held up well structurally for a good while with zip ties and yes they held up heavy work with no problem, but we soon discovered that when looking at the “image” of the tent as a whole, because there were so many wire mesh panels that it created a “crooked” unstable look…. It was mentioned my a fellow artist friend that we trusted and then it was so obvious we couldn’t STOP seeing it! Then the universe put us in touch with a practically brand new set of pro panels on Craigslist and it was the best investment we ever made… The change in the overall presentation of the tent was unbelievable. Buying directly from pro panel is crazy expensive so I highly recommend Craig’s List but even more classified…. There is CONSTANTLY an ad or 3 or 4 for sets of pro panels for great prices… So I highly suggest it…

    Again I can’t apologize enough for how tardy I am in replying to this post… Please forgive me and best best best of luck to you!


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