Get Ready for a Ride! Sarjon, our Featured Artist This Week!


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Welcome today friends for today there is a very special, multi-faceted, eclectic, shocking, thought-provoking, VERY talented, original (are those enough adjectives) Performance Artist, Visual Artist, Musician, and filmmaker.  Sarjon.  As I described in the title, “Not for the faint of heart, but for the Strong of Spirit”  Settle in and open yourself to a new and intriguing experience of beauty, humor, and sheer talent, from this young man of only 22.


By the way the music on this video is Sarjon!



After reading a bit about Sarjon, his journey as a child and fleeing his own country for both political and artistic reasons, let’s see a bit more visual art from our artist before we move into his music and performance art.

Here is a gallery showing of a 3D creature that both give me the creeps and leaves me in awe…especially when you see the close-ups and how the face was constructed so delicately…not to mention the concept you can read below that the piece is titled Lexicon:  Definition:  The vocabulary of a person, the language of their knowledge . Then instructions are given to take a piece of paper and write something on it then put it in the creatures head… now MY interpretation of this is that we ALL have a part in one another’s creation or being.  We all affect one another, we create each other with our words of kindness or words of hate….which will you choose?

Here’s Sarson’s description of his “Lexicon” piece…My interpretation might fit a bit in there but bringing the refugee concept in, which Sarjon certainly understands, adds a whole new layer to this piece, that if you didn’t know his background…you might miss…but I wanted to get my opinion in too, it is my blog~  Love you Sarjon~  Everyone else get in on it too, comment below with your thoughts on this or any of Sarjon’s pieces.

description of 3d piece

divding lines

So now, let’s move along to some music and performance art. then we’ll get back to the last bit of visual art.  Watching this video I found myself wanting to meditate to it.  Now I love you Sarjon, but I’m not going to pretend to know what the little pig you made means…I’m hoping you’ll comment afterward to share with us…I could ask you, but it’s more fun this way!


So back now to some more visual pieces, I didn’t get into the video above and then we’ll see an example of his movie making… I love the theme of flowing fabric through most of his work…I’d like to hear more about that from you the reader or you Sarjon…it’s a beautiful flow that carries through your work softening the subject matter.  So everyone comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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Now, we go to his movie making, this piece called ‘Panic Attack” actually touched me…I’ve personally had panic attacks and his description of what one is, in the beginning, is dead on.  Then as it continued to play and you hear the sound of a heartbeat speeding up and I actually began to feel the beginnings of a panic attack and I almost stopped the video.  But then I took a breathe and realized, in my humble opinion, that he was trying to simulate the feelings you have when you have a panic attack.   And if that’s what he was doing, he did a damn good job doing it, because I related to the heavy breathing, the confusion, the up and down of the music…now again this is just my interpretation, just the words, in the beginning, showed an understanding of what a true panic attack is and for someone like me, I’m sharing very personally with you now, who has panic attacks…he nailed it.

“No, No It’s not just in me, it’s not something I suffer from or something I have….it’s in all of us. I don’t call it a Panic attack or the boil point, I don’t care, but it’s that intense moment when your body reacts without your command.  I don’t know, I don’t know, maybe it’s that one point when you realize after all that you may never be in control, not even in control of that tank of water you call the body of yours.”


Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this multifaceted, talented artist…Follow him on his Instagram account and keep up, there is always something new that you’ll never expect!  so FOLLOW HIM…this I promise you won’t regret.  So now I leave you with some of his music and all my links below…don’t forget to comment, follow me on all the Social media out there and click on the Amazon link to find art supplies, movie making equipment, or any other items you might be looking for.  Ciao and here’s some more music to close the image

Click Here to Close the Show


Lexicon : Tammam Azzam & Sarjon
Koepel Performance: Sarjon & Masha Bronnikova, Filmed by Omar Salem
Panic Attack: Video and Lyrics by Tammam Azzam music and Intro dialog by Sarjon

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  1. Thank you so much for all the efforts you put in this, your writtings, questionnaire and your genuine intrest in art and what lays behind it of emotions and personal stories! All respect and appreciation for you ❣️

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