Saatchi Art Website: Some Great Resources


Yes I’ve been AWAL for quite some time, but I’m slowly coming back around after several of those life “surprises” that hit you and leave you with the wind knocked out of you and unable to pull in a breath.

But now I’m slowly getting my wind back, my lungs are now pulling in deeper and deeper each day and I know the only way a full deep breath will find it’s way into my lungs is for me to begin creating again.

So after an amazing trip for our 10th Anniversary, I took some amazing photos that surprised me and inspired me for my next series.  And now after two years of not stepping foot into my studio, I’m finally feeling that whisper of a breeze filled with the smell of paint, papers and personal power luring me back to where I belong.

So as I begin the next chapter of my journey, I found a great site for showing off, selling your work, and some great resources listed below.



Instructions for Packaging Your Artwork

[vimeo 107202256 w=500 h=281]

Packaging Flat Photographs and Drawings

Packaging Rolled Photographs and Drawings

How to Photograph Your Artwork

Want to sell canvas prints of your original art? Watch this video on photographing your art.


Tips on Promoting your Artwork

Want to promote your art but don’t know where to start? Saatchi Art is here to help! Here are just few tips on how to utilize…
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How to Package Your Artwork

Please follow Saatchi Art’s Packaging Guidelines carefully to ensure that your package arrives to its destination in good condition.
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How to List/Upload Your Work on Our Site

Learn how to provide various details when uploading your work for sale that will help your work be found by our users.
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Making Prints for Sale

Allowing buyers to purchase high-quality prints of your original works has never been easier. Follow these guidelines to get started.
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Why Sell on Saatchi Art?

Why not? Selling on Saatchi Art is so easy and risk free. Let’s highlight a few reasons why you should sell on Saatchi Art…
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How to Price Your Artwork

There are many approaches to pricing artwork, not every method is right for every artist. You will have to find a path that works for you.
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Things You Should Know About Tax

There are some documents you will need to complete in order to collect your earnings on Saatchi Art.
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