Studio Renovation Contest! Just Comment with ideas or images for a chance at a bag of goodies just for you!

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Well, the saga continues and we’ve begun to bring big furniture back into the studio (well most of it)  As we move the smaller items in… I have “big Brother” (my husband) looking over my shoulder making sure I throw away what he considers useless…be we all know….NOTHING is useless in an art studio!   He is a CPA and has no concept of this!

Now keep in mind that I am no hoarder as seen below!!  This is NOT my studio!!!

English: Photo of the living room of a compuls...

English: Photo of the living room of a compulsive hoarder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just see potential in items, much like you do, I’m certain, and they cannot be denied nor discarded!!

studio pano

Here’s a Panoramic pic (You know how they always look a bit weird and off since a room in not usually round!)

But the big furniture is mostly in and we’re going through the small stuff to either get rid of, and to donate to my school kids.

Now, readers, in the last post I asked you to get your favorite organization tricks or what you would do if you could start over with your own studio.  Now I am BRIBING YOU with goodies!   Just Comment below (that’s all there is to it) (if there are no comments CLICK “NO COMMENTS” and it will brin up the form.

Share your website, Pinterest pins, your own ideas, your dreams for your studio….I would love to have your ideas to implement in my studio  and who knows, reading everyone elses ideas may inspire you as well.

In a week or so I will have my hubby pick a number between one and however many comments we have and that number will  be our winner…I’ll collect mailing info and a bag of mixed-media goodies to be mailed and delivered to your door…who doesn’t love packages like that!!!!

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