MIA due to Studio Disaster and Make-Over

Hi All,

Well, I’ve been Missing in Action of late due to a fun fun water catastrophe in my studio.  A water leak from upstairs led to the collapse of half of my studio’s ceiling taking out half of my supplies including art materials….ALOT of materials, some old projects, books, books, books, pre-sketches with ideas, beautiful rather expensive watercolor paper and many vintage 3D embellishment pieces in antique type set trays which were also ruined…

But I MUST be thankful, for we had just finished a show and all of my work was wrapped safely in bubble wrap in the garage….Thank you my God!!

But here are some pics of the lovely damage and how all of my supplies that were salvageable are now refugees in our garage..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So needless to say I’ve been deprived of several  months in my studio resorting only to work in my journal due to how Insurance Companies LOVE to drag their feet! And I am VERY anxious to get back in the studio as you can imagine!

Good news is we’ve finally plowed our way through that red tape and the contractors have begun work.  My next post will have my newly painted studio SANS hole in the left half of the ceiling and brand new carpet. (Which will be covered entirely in painters plastic so my husband’s head doesn’t implode!) Now comes the real work / fun….as my husband has proclaimed, (now that he’s seen and moved every inch of every item I use in my work) he has proclaimed, with his toughest “I’m in Charge” husband voice, that there will be a National Clean Windy’s Studio Day each and every year from this point forward effective immediately!!  But being the kind and philanthropic man my baby is, he has offered to help me….well, he insisted on helping me because without him hanging over my head I won’t throw a blasted thing away!!  He knows me too well!

So now I ask YOU, my friends, now that I have this clean slate to start with….what would YOU do?  What storage would you suggest for a new organization plan?  I get to start all over and I would LOVE to hear what you would do if you could start all over in  your studio space! PLEASE comment below and share your ideas.  I want to make some tasty lemonade out of this great big lemon!!  Share with your comments below!

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