Guest Artist: Joanna Grant

Well, here’s another very talented artist that I’ve found in my quest to showcase artists in my next few posts.  I LOVE Joanna’s work, but I especially love her journal work and I think you will too!

So here are some great tutorial links to her blog where she walks you through several of her techniques!



Here are three recent links Joanna posted with multiple generation gelli plate prints. She doesn’t explain HOW to use a Gelli plate, since there are TONS of videos, etc., already out there for that purpose.  But these posts do show how to get multiple uses out of your prints.

Gelli Print I

Geli Print II

Geli Print III

These next couple of links go to posts about some finished pieces she made using the above noted prints:

Art I

Art II

And these links go to art journal pages made with her Gelli printed pages with instructions:

Journal I

Journal II

Journal III


Bio Photo

Joanna Grant (aka Joanna Banana) is a Canadian mixed media artist. She draws inspiration from many sources including her love for music and nature, and the study of metaphysics. For the past several years, her work has concentrated on taking materials that would otherwise end up in our landfills and recycling it into collage art. “My work has a fun, funky and primitive look and feel to it. The final product is often a bit rough and unrefined because of my use of recycled materials, but I think that just adds to the character and interest of the piece.  I just love to take scraps and bits of stuff that would normally be thrown out and turn it into little treasures for people to cherish. It is very satisfying for both myself and my customers to know we’re making even the smallest impact on improving our environment by recycling.  Each piece is created with much love and great attention to detail. The quotes and sayings used in my work are especially chosen for the hope, love and inspiration they may give your heart and soul as you shine your special light in your daily lives. Namaste and thank you for your support!”

Joanna Grant

Joanna Banana Design Originals



Etsy store:

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