Guest Post: Tim E. Bush

tim bush 1

Hi, my name is Tim E. Bush. I have been making art my whole life. I am 30 as of this writing. I usually work digitally. The great Windy Kai has asked me to craft a wizardly blog post and I will do my best for you fine folks..

I will just give a brief view into my process here.

I start with a sketch as the one pictured above. I will either draw straight into the program with a wacom tablet, or scan the sketch in, depending on what is easier… (bigger, more complex sketches are easier to scan in while small sketches tend to be easiest to just draw out in the program..)

The sketch is just a really rough outline for the painting. I almost always embellish and detour like crazy when I get to painting.

I will show a step by step of one of my recent paintings and then finalize with the finished painting of the above sketch, as I did not save step by step for the above..

This step by step will follow along with my painting which I titled, “Jubilee of Emotion”. In this following one, I did not do a thumbnail sketch on paper, but I did sketch out a quick outline for the beginning of it.

tim bush 2

This was the quick outline and was the jumping off point for this painting.. I think the basic outline is so important for an abstract because it gives you a direction to go and gives structure to my otherwise loose and chaotic working style.. I started this one with just a basic oil variant brush in corel painter 12. I almost exclusively use this program for all of my work.. There are so many different types of brushes to use and there are just an infinite amount of tools and adjusters in the program.. Every brush is customizable and can be altered in an infinite amount of ways. With version 12, they really were able to craft a truly awesome program..

In step 2, I started to change it up in different brushes. For this painting, I was working on trying to incorporate a type of idea I had for a psychic reading that would be to paint a painting and try to get in tune with the spirit of the querent. I do not know who this would be for, but I wanted to try it out and figure out if it would work.. I wrote down some ideas about the person that I thought it was for as I was working.

I don’t know if I will ever meet this seemingly fictional person, but it was an interesting way to work and added some fun to the working process.

tim bush 3

I felt that this person liked the color yellow and pink and was into zebras, so I tried to find a paper texture in the program, to use a chalk brush to give it the supposed zebra texture. I ended up finding a fingerprint like texture that I thought worked. You can see it in the black in the bottom right and top left. I think there was also some pattern brush used where a pattern will be painted out rather than just a straight color.

time bush 4

In the above picture, I went ahead and tried to develop the structure and colors some more. I think I didn’t like how dark it was going..

tim bush 5

In this above step, I tried to add some more pink and some more texture and get it ready to finish. This painting took a couple of days, working one to two hours at a time. I think keeping the schedule loose and not working too much one day is a good technique as it allows me to rest in my brain and not be too consumed with image. You need some distance from it, or it will start to be a jumble of nonsense and you won’t have a fresh perspective. You get too caught up in one idea and don’t have the resources in your memory or thinking to have a fresh idea or approach when you work too long at it in one sitting.

I always have a set time of two to three hours, sometimes four in the day where I will work, usually when I get up and have my coffee and attend to emails etc and then whatever needs to be done with my pets. As I work, I won’t stay for more than about a half hour and will take a quick break to get a fresh perspective to get something to eat or to read something quick, more email, facebook etc..

I will work like this for another hour or so and then take a break to get something to eat, and dive right back into it.

Here is the final-

tim bush 6

I just smoothed everything over and adjusted bit by bit. This is a really fun part of the painting after you have let all the ideas and energy out, you can make it look like something that you envisioned and can get an idea of what you can do.. It turns into magic sometimes, the experience of crafting something like this.

I was not too satisfied with this one, but I thought there was nothing else that I could do to it so I posted it after letting it sit for a day or so.

tim bush 7


Here is the finished painting from the sketch above.. It is my latest. I was more satisfied with this one as I felt that it was more cohesive and less noisy.. As you can see, I went off on a huge tangent and embellished like crazy but still tried to keep the simplicity in the original sketch by not using too many brushes. The ‘brushes’ I used for this were created by Skip Allen, who is really an expert in all things Painter. He can be seen on his blog at

For more of my work visit my blog at my website at

I am also on where you can buy my prints at and where you can buy my work on all sorts of products..

Follow me on twitter and facebook.. @timebush ,

Thank you Windy Kai for having me on your exceptional blog and to anyone who has viewed my work here.. Thank you.. 🙂

Tim E Bush..


I want to Thank Tim for sharing his amazing work with us and remember if you’re interested in sharing a guest post and your work or techniques, please email me at hummingbirdstudios (at)

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P.S. Don’t forget to visit Tim’s sites and support his lovely work!


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