Some New Mixed Media Figure Drawing Work

Well, here I go again, trying something new…I have never had a strong grasp of the human body, not like my 19 old son as you see in the previous post, but I’m going to try something with a figure in it.

Here is the background….(the easy part I’m used to!!)



Then here comes the hard part….I want this outline of a woman angled to the right as if she’s grasping the canvas.  Then abstractly painted in with a palette knife….Here’s the sketch….


I have such a clear vision in my head of what I want, but we all know how that goes!  “The best laid plans….” So we shall see how it works out.  So let me know what your latest “Dive in Head First Project is!!”  I would love to know down in the comment section.  If I can overcome my fear of the body…you can do ANYTHING!!”

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