Small pieces for Art on the Greene March 23-24

Hi again, feeling better, but found out it wasn’t the flu indeed….I have to have my gallbladder removed which means my food wasn’t digesting right therefore the nausea, weakness and weight loss (not that I’m complaining about the latter HAH!)  But I’ve heard it’s a simple surgery but it will keep me out of the studio for a bit so I’m trying to get things ready for my only show for the spring since I’ve been so ill.

Here are a few smaller items I’ll be adding to my larger pieces both encaustic and acrylic….I’m always so focused on my big pieces that I forget to think about smaller items that more people can afford as gifts etc. at a festival.  These are all a bit bigger than 8×10…We’ll see how it goes!  These were all done on wood and therefore very frugal! 

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Julie says:

    This I love. I love all these little pieces. I need to create more often and when I do it’s usually combining little things like that. Found you via SITS and following you on Pinterest now.


    1. windykai says:

      So glad you like the site! Can’t wait to head over to your site and take a look!! – WK


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