Back from the dead and Playing with Abstract Faces

Hello all and I must apologize for the lack of posts of late! I am recovering from a three week flu that knocked me off my feet!  So my advice to all is GET A FLU SHOT!!!  I will never go another season without one!

So basically, I’m back and on the mend!

And as I am still on the mend this will be a fairly short post but I wanted to share something I played around with when my students were assigned to paint an abstract face.

abstract face

This was the example I gave the students and I had some interesting results from the students in their pieces.  We had done a gridded realism project before hand where the students had to draw photo-realistic portraits of anyone they liked.  The results were phenomenal with more outstanding pieces that I could have ever imagined.  Click on Students and scroll down for a video of the results.

Well, after the realism project they were “set free” to paint and create an abstract face with no realism what-so-ever….the interesting part was that they simply did not know what to do with that freedom…they froze and the results were simply so-so paintings that looked more like poorly done portraits…I could not get them to “let go” and just have fun with it…they felt they needed to try for perfection and realism.

 I think “we” as a society in general tend to make our children think so “inside the box” and “color inside the lines” so often that when they are set free and the limits are removed, they simply don’t know what to do…. After a certain age they are so concerned with “messing up” that they don’t know how to play and make mistakes along the way, learning from them.  What is so sad and true is that we as adults can be the same way.  I, myself, am guilty of the same thing.  When faced with painting things outside my comfort zone I freeze up.

I’m curious to see,  what are your thoughts on this?  How do you feel about the way we raise our children and how that affects their creativity?  Please comment below and let’s hear those responses…as an educator, I’m very curious to hear your ideas….

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