Etsy Store Opening

Hi and hope your New Year is going as well as you planned!!

I promised myself this year that my website and my Etsy Store would be renewed and improved.

Image representing Etsy as depicted in CrunchBase


As you know I’m in the middle of getting my Website Changed over and I’ve been working tirelessly, well with some breaks here and there, to get my ETSY shop up and going again for my smaller items, lots of encaustic pieces.  I’ll eventually put my bigger pieces on there as well, but right now I’d like to separate the larger items and smaller items in a “boutique” and “gallery”.

As you all know, getting your website and galleries, Etsy shops etc. “just right” can be daunting and believe me IT IS!  I just want to find the best way to make my art available to everyone, but those with small and larger budgets.

Here’s the link to my ETSY store….

Again, I love the feedback and any thoughts are certainly welcome!  Comment below and let me know what you think!

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