Looking for 10-15 Artists with Frugal Art Fair Ideas for a Blog Posting Project!!

Join me in sharing Frugal Art Fair ideas in a weekly post on my blog and yours! (Plus an ebook at the end with all the ideas put together in a great format to share)

I’ve found on my blog that readers are really looking for ways to work their art fairs in a frugal and smart way. I’m looking to do a 10-15 part series on frugal art fair ideas.

Just send your idea in a two to three paragraph post with photos if possible and include your website or blog. I’ll post them weekly and let you know when your post goes up. You get readers, I get readers and we all get great ideas!

In addition, at the end, I will create an e-book that will be distributed to all artists to put on their website or blog to share with their readers with all the great ideas! You WILL be credited with your idea and your website or blog.


So if you’re interested in my project and have an idea to share please email Windy Kai at hummingbirdstudios@att.net with your post and pictures.

I can’t wait to see everyone’s thoughts and creative ideas!

Windy Kai


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