Finished Piece That's Given me soooo much trouble!!

Well, if you look at my work you’ll know I’m very cubist and so I tried to break out a bit and try more organic work….well, it kicked my tail!!  For months I’ve struggled, cried, almost gessoed over the whole thing, punch the canvas and more….it just wouldn’t come together. 

Well, finally the painting and I along with my muses reached an agreement and it finally reached a point to where I’m satisfied with it.  It’s not my favorite I’ll tell you that much, I guess because I’m not used to so much color and the shapes….but by God it’s done and I’m satisfied. 

It will be interesting at my shows to see how the audience reacts to something so different from me.  I’m willing to take the good comments with the bad!

So here it is….



So I would love to hear from you either about this piece (negative or positive) OR a piece that you wanted to destroy and just couldn’t get right.

I look forward to comments……Don’t be afraid, let’s hear them!!!  Also, Don’t forget to visit me on Facebook and Like Hummingbird Studios Page and follow us on Twitter OR sign up for our newsletter to your right. You’ll get a free transfer technique and Monthly updates and tutorials from Hummingbird Studios.

As always, love and light from WK


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hi Windy,

    You succeeded in being more organic; this piece really gives you a sense of flow and nature. I love the elephant and the sense of more of them with the elephant trunk shapes you used in this piece. It’s playful, colorful and fun! Awesome!

    ♥ Angi


    1. windykai says:

      Angi, you’re a doll….it was fun but stressful and a good excercise for me in getting out of my own “box” Literally since I’m usually so cubist!! Thanks for the comments and I’m so glad you noticed the elephant! He was my inspiration!!


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