Setting a piece aside and leaving it to the muses!

Well, I’ve been working on a piece for quite some time now and it just isn’t happening.  The whole composition bothers me, the colors, the shapes, the lines, the textures, basically ALL your Elements and Principles of ART!! Hah,  So I’ve decided to set it aside and put it in the hands of my muses and begin another piece.   Here’s what’s not working for me….

So now it’s on the floor with some pastels awaiting my attention when the mood strikes.

BUT, we just got back from a cruise and blues and golds are just running through my head like mad, so I’ve begun the following piece.

I’ve LOVING the golds and blues….the texture of the molding paste, the composition which in my head is filled in with all kinds of blues including collage, pastel, paints with herbs etc.  I feel very inspired by this piece and I hope it will help to get me over the hump of the other piece!

SOOOO, the question to you today is, have you ever been stuck on a piece?  We ALL know the answer is YES for all of us…so I would love to hear about it in the comments section or on my Facebook page….. pictures would be even better!!!  I’d love to be reminded I’m not alone in this!

I look forward to comments……Don’t be afraid, let’s hear them!!!  Also, Don’t forget to visit me on Facebook and Like Hummingbird Studios Page and follow us on Twitter OR sign up for our newsletter to your right. You’ll get a free transfer technique and Monthly updates and tutorials from Hummingbird Studios.

As always, Love and Light…..WK


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