Happy New Year! Follow Along Beveled Canvas Project Part IV: Filling In the Squares and Choosing your colors

Hello again and I hope everyone is having a happy last day of 2011 and ready for 2012!

The next portion of this tutorial is the bulk of filling in the canvas but is also the easiest and the hardest at the same time.  This is where you choose your colors and how they are going to compliment your sketched out composition.  There are Three parts to this.

  1. taping and painting in

  2. spraying (optional)

  3. going over your textured areas again with oil pastels before moving on to the final step and details

So step 1.  filling in your pre-sketched out composition with colors.  Now I had intended some brighter colors but I found these great testers at Home Depot for $.50 each in pastels and I fell in love with them.  So I decided to go with softer colors for the main areas and then in the last step I’ll bring in brighter colors for pop and detail as you’ll see in the next post.   I tape off areas using painters tape and then paint the areas.  BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT PART is WIPING THE PAINT AS YOU GO WITH PAPER TOWELS TO LET THE PAPERS AND PHOTOS YOU’VE PUT UNDERNEATH SHOW THROUGH.  If you don’t wipe as you go you lose your under layer and a lot of character.  See below.  Please forgive the lighting I was working by my window in the middle of the day and the glare was terrible.

  • Tips: use a soft touch on your tape to avoid tearing under papers
  • be careful of drips, but to be honest the occasional drip of color here and there can be a nice touch

Step 2.  Choose certain blocks to spray watered down paint or India Ink or even Tea on.  I have watered down white paint in a travel size hairspray container and I used it on my purple blocks.  Have fun with this but don’t go overboard, it should be used sparingly!

 Step 3.  To finalize this section I take oil pastels that are darker than the paint and rub it on my textured areas to create a “Pop” and get it ready for the next and final step.




 So Here we are at the end of the fourth tutorial and this is where the piece is standing.  Remember we have one more very important tutorial to finish up the piece and you’ll be amazed at how such a simple step finishes off the piece so so nicely.

Remember if you Like this post or want to share it please do so below but most of all I would love to see pictures of your work if you are following along to share with our friends that also read this blog, so send them in!!!!  Don’t forget to visit me on Facebook and Like Hummingbird Studios Page and follow us on Twitter OR sign up for our newsletter to your right.  You’ll get a free transfer technique and Monthly updates  and tutorials from Hummingbird Studios.   As Always Peace and Light from Hummingbird Studios and a Phenomenal New Year!

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