Five Reasons I loved the Peddler Show and it wasn't the sales! (Unfortunately!)



Well we just had our first Peddler’s show and although it wasn’t exactly our niche, we did have a great time.  Most everyone was looking for small Christmas gifts and it was in the majority a craft and manufactured product show, so my $1200 paintings didn’t fly off the walls.  BUT, our cards and some prints did.  But that was just the beginning of the fun. 

The Five reason I just had to love the Peddler show….

  1. The top selling item were HOMEMADE DOG COOKIES….they sold out the first day and had to go home and make more until midnight that night.  To me that just cracked me up.  My cats are oh so grateful when they get wet food let alone homemade cookies and people were buying these things like crazy.  Who knew…..

  2. The other top seller was the “broom lady” as we called her….every other person walking down the aisle had two of these brooms in their hands.  (Buy one get one free you know)  They claimed to do anything and she was two boothes down from us so we heard her Sham Wow speech all day for three days and YES don’t laugh but we ended up coming home with two and YES they work just like she said they would!!!!   No wonder she made a killing.

  3. Friends came to visit and support since it was local, especially my biggest fan, Jana Chapline who I love and adore as she supports my blog and my work like no one other than my husband….

  4. Speaking of husband….I got to spend three days with my husband while he DIDN’T watch football all weekend.  Talk about a blessing!!  AND he let me Christmas shop so we got A LOT of our Christmas shopping done.

  5. And finally but most importantly, the folks across from us selling hand cut crosses out of some beautiful stone.  Craig and Chelsa!  What amazing Christian people with such stories and so much fun and more faith than anyone I’ve ever come across.  No matter what you’re belief system, I’ve never met two people with more of a “servant” attitute than this couple.  They just felt they are here to serve others and God and the joy they get out of it was inspiring.  Now like I said, no matter what your belief system, we could all do a little more serving one another and I walked away from this weekend’s show without a lot of money but with a great amount of joy and inspiration that I need to work more on serving the Big Guy and His people, all the people around me every day whether I know them or not and focus less on me, me, me…..So Thank you Chelsa and Craig….I can’t thank you enough.

So no, no big sales and you know what, it doesn’t matter….At this time of year I’m Thankful, because every show I’ve ever done I’ve walked away with new friends and although the Peddler’s show may not be my niche for selling, it’s ANYBODY’S niche for shopping so don’t miss the next one in your town.  What fun I had shopping and spending rather than making money!!!  Boy my CPA husband loves to hear that kind of thing!!

I hope your Thanksgiving is a happy one and I hope you meet people like Craig and Chelsa and the Broom Lady to make you laugh and love.  Isn’t that what it’s all about anyway?

As always, Peace and Light and be thankful….WK

Thanksgiving at the Trolls 


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