Here's to all the Hummingbirds she left behind….


Just a quick note to invite you to follow me
on Twitter.

Here’s where you can find me:

Windy Kai: Twitter

And you can keep up with my blog and goings-on
on the Facebook Fan

Facebook Hummingbird Studios

Hope to connect with you in these places!

But most importantly this note is to tell you that Hummingbird
Studios, named for my grandmother Jerry Mize who was taken from us as a partial
result of Alzheimer’s Disease, will now be donating 5% of all sales to The
Alzheimer’s Association. You can help with this disease through any purchases
from Hummingbird Studios or direct donations on the following memorial page for
Jerry Mize, the inspiration for Hummingbird Studios.

To read her story click here:
Jerry Mize Memorial Page

A Link to her page can also be found on this blog to the right….

Yes, you’ll see many hummingbirds in my work, now and to come….So here’s to all the hummingbirds she left behind!

Peace and Light,

Windy Kai

Hummingbird Studios


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