Power Outage

UGH! For two full days and night we had no power.  To be honest it was kind of nice, candles, windows open, cool breeze, dinner outside on the patio with the kids…they had no computers as company so we were their only choice!!  Now keeping the meat from spoiling was not so fun…

However all I kept thinking was MY BLOG…my friends…I can’t get to them!!  So I missed everyone.

I’ve started a new “Paper Towel” painting and I thought I’d show you from the beginning how I do them.

One paper towel covered in old paint….
Two paper towels covered in old paint....

I start the taping process next after covering both paper towels with a good layer of Golden Medium….and that I guess will be for next time….

Unbleached Titanium White, Titanium White, Transparent Yellow Oxide, Sap Green Hue and Light Purple....all ready to be patterned top...

I MISSED YOU GUYS!  Don’t forget to post a comment and sign up for our newsletter.  I love to know you’re out there!

Peace and Light…Windy Kai


3 Comments Add yours

  1. I can’t wait to see what you do next. This is a curious thing you’ve got here–you’re inspiring me!


    1. windykai says:

      Oh You just made my day!! This is such a fun process…I hope you love it as much as I do!!


    2. windykai says:

      By the Way…I looked at your blog…your 80 days INSPIRES ME!!! And the reasons behind doing it especially…


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