Another behind the scenes…

I’ve promised myself that I would write down each day everything I accomplished creatively…well this is a copy of my journal page that I went into paint and pointed out some details for ya….don’t know if anyone is interested in my journey behind the blog, but here it is…I especially love the little person at the bottom (my son drew  that) and I wrote “Me standing around waiting to sell art and be famous) then I circled “WRONG” and pointed up to my list of “to-do” and said “Me working my @#$ off to sell art and be recognized!!”  Don’t we all…remember, don’t get discouraged…keep up the good fight day by day…even when your journal page looks like this instead of a work of art!!

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. I so relate! Working your fanny off is right!


    1. windykai says:



  2. malinda says:

    it IS all about the journey Windy!


    1. windykai says:

      Heck! The journeys the fun part!


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