The Little Things

Oh, it just doesn’t take much to thrill me I guess!  But it is the little things isn’t it?  They are the only big things there are…

Remember how I told you I loved to visit home depot and look at their remnant section in lumber for substrates in leu of canvas?  Well, yesterday I hit the jackpot and got 6, yes 6 perfect canvas size pieces all for $.51 cents a piece AND 2 very Large boards which thrills me because I’ve never worked on such a large scale so now I have the opportunity to do so with these two pieces!  AHH!!  I’m so excited!!

And yes I know some of you are saying….”it’s just wood Windy” but to me…it’s magic! (not to mention cheap!!)

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Have a great week everyone…Peace and Light…Windy Kai


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I’m right with you! I love to visit Home Depot and Lowes…right along with Harbour Freight Tools- those guys just don’t know what real treasures are!!!


    1. windykai says:

      Isn’t it the greatest feeling to get such a deal? I do it with the paint “rejects” too!! Like you said… If they knew how much we loved them!!!


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