Canton Goodies!

And by the way, I’ve been getting so so many hits lately on my blog and I so wish I knew each of you individually to thank you, so I’m sending out a huge THANK YOU and all my love and light to you all!!  So start leaving some comments or sign up for our newsletter so I can Thank you appropriately!  Instead of this big group Thank You…but for now….I bow to you all and say Namaste‘ and Thank you!!!

Now here’s my day in heaven at Canton!!!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jana and Emily says:

    Take us with you, take us with you!!! What great stuff! Can you believe I’ve *never* been to Canton?! I need your expertise!


  2. windykai says:

    OHH You HAVE to go…there’s a smaller version right outside of DFW….we could go visit that one…Seriously…a day of antiquing is a must and SOON!!!


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