Antique Shopping!!

OH, I went to the antique fair, Funky Finds AND the weekly flea

market down in Ft. Worth today (with a budget from my husband,

of course) and got the greatest stuff to store my art supplies

in, (a type tray which I can never pass up and an old silverware

drawer set) not to mention some antique Milagros (Miracles) for

some very special people in my life, plus a few  for my art from


WOW…what a dreamy morning!

Catholic art from Honduras
Amazing box from India


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  1. Jana C says:

    Where did you find all this great stuff? Em and I are looking for some places to hit this week while out in FTW.


  2. Elaine Akers says:

    What great finds you came across. I live in Massachusetts, and so it is still too cold for outdoor flea markets and yard sales. When I go to thrift stores or whatever looking for neat things to repurpose or things that I will use in my art projects my friends always laugh, because they never see what I see in an item. Hope you find many more wonderful items.


    1. windykai says:

      OH I just went to your blog! wow! I shared it on my Facebook and am adding you to my favorites…some beautiful things on there!! Can’t wait to spend more time looking around on it.


  3. windykai says:

    Oh my husband is the same way!!! He looks at me like what the )*&^ do you need that for??? But I always have a reason. In fact that silverwar drawer is now filled will different blade scissers, all my glue gun accessories and and my exacto knife goodies…it was PERFECT!!! I’m just giddy.

    I would love to see some of your great finds sometime! Do you have a blog?


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