Laurie Zuckerman…

Ok I just HAVE to have this book!!



LAURIE ZUCKERMAN’S MEMORY JUG INSTRUCTIONS BOOK: 2010 CD Edition teaches how to make memory jugs, and other memory ware vessels

Laurie Zuckerman’s popular Memory Jug instructions book on CD is now in its 2010 edition. Step-by-step illustrated instructions will guide you in creating your own memory jug, The book includes 200 pages of full-color images of traditional jugs, contemporary jugs, plus images of Laurie Zuckerman’s own unique memory jug creations. Laurie Zuckerman’s Memory Jug Book CD has sold to artists throughout the United States, as well as Canada, England, Australia, and even Slovenia!
Order your August 2010 edition today by sending your Paypal payment of $20 plus $2.73 (total $22.73) for shipping and handling to: Laurie Zuckerman at 

Payment is accepted through Paypal via the “Send Money” option, or request an invoice. Personal checks and money orders are also accepted. Email your order or questions to:


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