Past Work


 Some work I did when I was pregnant with my baby boy who is not a baby anymore. . .I was and always have been fascinated with how lovely a woman looks when she’s with child. . . 


A work to honor my Great-Grandmother, My Grandmother (whom you’re all familiar with because I talk about her CONSTANTLY), my Mother and myself with my son. . .5 generations of strong Matriarch figures. . .they were powerful women and I’m proud to carry on their legacy. 


Another example of my fascination with the female form.  . .


Playing with one of my favorite images. . .Alfred Eisenstaedt’s iconic Life magazine shot of a sailor embracing a nurse in a white uniform. . .I love this moment in time captured so brilliantly. . .we have many moments like this in our lives and we don’t always capture them the way we should. . .


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sally says:

    Your pages a great. I am just starting to do journal pages. There is so much more to them than I perceived
    Thanks for sharing them..


  2. That seaman picture stands the test of time doesn’t it? What a neat way to honor your pregnancy too. Very nice pages.


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