Journal Pages

This was a journal response to a prompt about some challenges in our lives.  I wrote about my career. . .I recently quit a job (in this recession) because I wasn’t happy and wanted to pursue my art. . .so now here I am working to find a job that fulfills me again while supporting my art ….but my biggest challenge is the loss of my grandmother whose birthday was yesterday.  She loved hummingbirds and I see her in them everyday. . .

savarese journal 2



journal file Savarese 1

Another journal spread to my swap partner. . .explaining how my pages don’t always follow the rules I set out!!!

savarese journal 3

A page where I just wrote and wrote around a TP casting that reminds me to “believe”.


2 thoughts on “Journal Pages

  1. I know so much of what it is like to lose a grandmother you were close to. I was in a grocery store a couple months after my grandmother passed and there was a page for an employee, and it was her first name, a rare name. I about broke down right there. I still miss her but I realize we now have a different connection. We are lucky.


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